April 24, 2019

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Lou Dobbs Hammers Donald Trump Over His ‘Horrible Worsening Vulnerability’

Lou Dobbs Hammers Donald Trump Over His ‘Horrible Worsening Vulnerability’
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Dobbs, usually a staunch supporter of the Trump administration, berated the government for “not moving with urgency at all” on Trump’s declaration of a national emergency to secure funds for a U.S.-Mexico border wall 46 days earlier.

“The president in every respect, in foreign policy, in domestic policy, you name it ― this president made promises in 2016 and he delivers,” said Dobbs.

“Promises made, promises kept,” he added. “Except when it comes to illegal immigration and when it comes to border security.”

Dobbs said Trump’s failure to deliver was “a horrible worsening vulnerability” for him and a “glaring electoral burden” for 2020.

“I think that’s the reality of the politics and the reality is that this nation is in jeopardy every day that that border remains open and I don’t give a damn what the Chamber of Commerce says,” he added. U.S. Chamber of Commerce says Trump would damage the nation’s economy if he follows through on his latest threat to close the southern border.

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