April 25, 2019

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What flight attendants wish you knew

What flight attendants wish you knew
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A flight attendant’s first priority is not to tend to your every need. Here are five things they wish passengers knew.

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  1. mrbear1302

    Ummmm I call BS on some of this. I travel for work and see a lot. For number 1, the flight attendants are always up when the fasten seat belt sign is on???? And number 2-they know what they signed up for. I bet a lot of nurses, doctors, firemen etc. have been away from home, tired and haven't eaten consistently either. And BTW, on any flight that is served food the flight attendants get to eat too. I always see them heading to the back of the plane with trays of food. I even had a flight attendant eat my food! When I asked him why he ate my ice cream, you should have seen the size of his eyes! I do really feel bad for them when delays happen. They get to sit around not getting paid until the delay is over and everyone is on the plane.

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