March 19, 2019

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Weight loss diet plan: Expert says ditch alcohol after Christmas for best results

Weight loss diet plan: Expert says ditch alcohol after Christmas for best results
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From Christmas dinner with all the trimmings to the chocolate boxes laid by the tree, there’s not doubt that the festive period doesn’t come without plenty of temptation. A healthy lifestyle should be based on moderation – which means treating yourself now and then shouldn’t be frowned upon. However, with statistics claiming many people pack in three times the amount of their recommended daily calorie allowance on Christmas Day, the holiday isn’t often the easiest for slimmers. What’s more, there’s one particular kind of drink which could be adding to the shockingly high intake of calories.

From Buck’s Fizz in the morning to a gingerbread liqueur in the evening, for many adults, Christmas can feature a number of different types of alcohol.

Toasting to the season is an activity that many people enjoy doing – but it could be bad news for those hoping to lose weight, or maintain their figure, at Christmas.

That’s because a lot of festive tipples are packed full with calories, meaning it could be easy to consume more than is recommended.

A large glass of wine, for instance, can contain more than 200 calories.

That works out at around the same amount of calories as half large bowl of pasta.

Sip several glasses throughout the day, and that mean you could have consumed an extra full meal than usual – and that’s not even counting the extra helpings of turkey and roast potatoes.

Medical Nutritionist, Naomi Beinart PhD, offered some words of advice on ditching alcohol in an effort to slim down.

She said: “The result [of additional intake of calories through alcohol] over time can potentially harmful weight gain.

“If you have a few pounds to lose, then cutting out alcohol could be the key – and make the weight loss effortless!”

The nutritionist also explained how taking part in the so-called “Dry January” could see you boost energy levels.

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Explaining that drinking alcohol impacts on the quality of your sleep, Naomi revealed consuming the drink also puts an extra strain on your liver – which is tasked to store and release glucose for energy.

Alcohol can also deplete your body of vital vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B1 and magnesium.

However, Naomi said that these processes could return to normal, should you ditch the alcoholic drinks.

This could see you regain natural energy and vitality – as could enjoying green foods, which are packed with chlorophyll.

Green tea and matcha for instance, such as Pukka Herbs’ Ginseng Matcha Green tea, are natural sources of this.

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