May 20, 2019

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Man accused of killing pregnant wife, kids gave interview before arrest

Man accused of killing pregnant wife, kids gave interview before arrest
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Listen to what Christopher Watts told KUSA the day before he was arrested in the murders of his pregnant wife Shanann and their two young daughters.


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  1. dm jeni

    A man who was born, who one day chose to become a living evil demon is who does this. No different than Josh Powell, Scott Peterson and many, many others, men and women. It's not mental illness at all. It's a choice. And we get to live in eternity, literally in Heaven or hell based on our choices. And like the demon he chose to become, he will only regret what he did, when he is in hell.

  2. Jay Dice

    He unfolds his arms any time he’s not talking about his family. Meaning he’s guarding himself. When he is talking about his family. I was unable to see the classic one shoulder shrug when he has no confidence. The odd thing his did when saying “and that was the last I saw her” his face seemed to almost enjoy it. Is it my imagination or did it look like a steak dinner was just set infront of him

  3. Peggy Ghirardello

    He good actor dumb killer how could u as father put those babies in oil tank with oil in it how cold and to kill your unborn child before had chance be born hope they get justice they deserve and this man gets dealth penalty lord

  4. Sandy Vega

    I'm so happy everyone that's commenting has a degree in telling if someone is lying or telling the truth like many have the answer he's trying his best to answer these questions that probably been asked to him a bunch of times with police proven guilty until reasonable doubt

  5. Kirby NurseMom

    He wants them back "so bad" shows absolutely no emotion when describing them knocking him down with hugs. I could never do an 8 minute Interview so chill with my whole family missing.. If they're "safe" huddled up somewhere..???..He's in shock but can recall every detail of which doors were locked/unlocked, camera placements..He's talking way too much… He told on himself with this pathetic Interview. You deserve everything that is coming to you

  6. nameinuse22

    In all the pictures he had a big dark colored wedding ring on, here no ring- I wish someone would have asked him where it was. Divorce must have been the “emotional discussion”- inmates hate baby killers! What a loser!

  7. canuckyukyuk

    This reminds me of Susan Smith, who drowned her two sons. As soon as I saw her on TV, I knew she had done it. Unlike this monster, the corners of her mouth were trying NOT to smile. This guy's practically rolling with laughter! Selfish Prick!!! DEATH PENALTY, PLEASE!

  8. Kris Jutras

    I knew from the minute I saw and listened to this EVIL ASS I knew he was guilty. Like Like Like… He's a spineless piece of shit. I pray that he gets the death penalty, and they erase this EVIL from earth immediately. Send him to where he belongs. TO HELL with the rest of his minyins. 😠

  9. Caella Gregory

    I looked on Shannan’s FB and she was really into thrive and she sold it as well. Thrive is A patch you put on your skin and a shake to drink for mental clarity, energy, and overall better health. She said as a result of thrive he was talking more and before was an introvert. I bet anything he will blame murdering his family on this thrive product. He will say it caused a mental break or reaction. I’ve seen killers blame the killing on cough medicine so this idea isn’t far fetched. I bet he might try to use this as his defense bc killers are cowards. It’s so sad seeing videos of shannan and her daughters and how this scum could take their lives away. She even said she hoped she had a boy before she found out it was a boy, because she knew that’d make chris happy. I just can’t understand why this coward would do something like this to people that loved him.

  10. Pink

    What a sociopathetic psychopath being able to lie with a straight face, keeping calm, answering all the questions easily and smoothly without any pause, hesitation or stuttering.. when we try to tell a white lie, we start to die inside as we struggle with our conscience, feeling guilty, awkward and stuttering trying to get our story straight being all flustered😶 not this guy

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