May 20, 2019

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Police chief helps arrest his own son in Sikh man attack

Police chief helps arrest his own son in Sikh man attack
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In an emotional open-letter, the police chief of Union City, Calif. says he’s embarrassed that one of the suspects in a vicious beating of a 71-year-old Sikh man is his own 18-year-old son.

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  1. Mary Berry

    Thanks chief for raising your son the right way. Hopefully he will understand that's not how we treat each other. Congrats to you and your family . We need more parents to become I involved: God bless you and your family

  2. catothewiser

    USA Today has no problem with the many thousands of times that Blacks attack WHITES this way for every one of these. Very telling. Where is your outrage for when WHITES are attacked? For shame, USA Today. For shame. Whites are your last customers.

  3. Willie Fufu

    Black Parents don't hide the truth, this Family did what they had to, for the Victim, for what is right and to make sure that their Son is punished for his actions. Raise up a Child in the way that he should go and he won't depart from those teachings.

  4. What The F Blog

    Props to the police chief for speaking out, owning up to what his son did, instead of trying to cover it up (yall know some officers wouldve tried to hide it).
    Now…he needs to let his son go through the legal process, dont bail his ass out, let him sit in there, and face the consequences of his actions. Being arrested isnt enough. If you bail him out hes not gonna learn anything. Let his ass sit in there, and go through the process. They couldve killed that old man!! :-/
    So hopefully he gets served with some time, and not a slap on the wrist.
    And when hes served it, and comes home…then you give him an ass whoopin like he gave that man.

  5. Andy X

    Florida's Stand Your Ground is a shinning example of how to deal with thugs. BANG! Now show your son how to die like a thug. Mr Drejka shot and killed Mr McGlockton in a parking area, best good shoot ever.

  6. ssrana rana

    Shame on those 2 guys.. hitting a poor elderly SIKH person. SIKHS r not Arabs! Wake up guys. It’s entirely a different and sober religion in India.
    On a different note what kind of up brining does those 2 guys have ?? Don’t they have any decency left in them ? How would they feel if their old man gets kicked like that. Horrendous !! Hope US laws prosecute them HONESTLY !!

  7. Cynthia Hawkins

    Tyrone is NOT innocent. The footage shows him clearly kicking and attacking a harmless elderly man, totally without provocation. Then, turning around, Tyrone walks away, and is seen visibly spitting. Anybody notice that? The photograph of young Mc Allister is of an sullen young man, already his eyes are dead. One can only wonder what is going on with this kid. And BTW black lives DO matter. Enough for each black life, to respect itself, and…to respect the lives of others.

  8. L L

    Look folks, what this police chief did was the right thing. It had nothing to do about being a parent but being a decent human being. No one deserves to get hands put on them (other than wife and child beaters!). I grew up in a law enforcement home and it was very clear that if we had ever effed up, our Pops would turn us in. It kept us kids on the straight and narrow whereas most of the kids in my area were gang banging, doing drugs, and having babies. #elpaso #savagelife

    Any human with an ounce of decency would've turned these two idiots in. What they did was beyond foul and to even try to understand how they were able to do this to someone (who did absolutely nothing to them) is unfathomable.

    Throw the book at these two clowns.

  9. lateefp80

    Why pick on an old man young hateful pussy. Why not a guy around your own age. Its because you're a COWARD. Afraid to step to someone who could actually go toe to toe with you. Also AFRAID to learn about someone that is different from you. COWARD!!!

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