February 23, 2019

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World Cup 2018 England vs Colombia fans UNHAPPY at Jamie Vardy – did you spot it? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV

World Cup 2018 England vs Colombia fans UNHAPPY at Jamie Vardy – did you spot it? | TV & Radio | Showbiz & TV
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After missing a shot at scoring a goal against Colombia in the second half of extra time, the camera panned to a close up of Vardy.

He was seen to chew gum before blowing a bubble.

Fans will know this was a crucial game for England in the World Cup 2018 and instantly took to social media.

One footie fan tweeted: “Can not believe professional footballers are chewing gum and blowing bubbles in the most important game of their career so far #COLENG #Vardy #England.”

“Jamie Vardy casually chewing gum in a do-or-die situation #COLENG #COL #ENG,” posted another.

A third added: “In all my years I have never ever seen any player at a #WorldCup knockout game chewing gum and making gum bubbles while he’s playing on the field.

“And then showed up Jamie Vardy! #COLGEN.”

“@BBCMOTD Vardy chewing gum and blowing bubbles! What next from overpaid boys!!” wrote another.

Other viewers slammed Vardy’s gum blowing while playing football due to young fans watching across the globe.

Fearing he may be copied, many rushed to point out the potential dangers of chewing gum while playing football.

One viewer tweeted: “Chewing gum whilst playing football must be risky? Potential airway obstruction?”

“#WorldCup #ENG Can’t quite believe I just saw an England player chewing gum while playing! It’s disgraceful!!! An awful example to kids!!!” posted another.

A third added: “Can someone make Vardy spit out his chewing gum? I remember being told in under 10s football that is was dangerous. Just a girl tryna look out for her lads.”

“Vardy chewing gum & sending all UK PE teachers into meltdown,” added another.

However, fans will surely let the footballer’s gum slip-up pass as England won on penalties.

Vardy did receive praise for his efforts during tonight’s game.

Piers Morgan tweeted: “I believe in miracles. Jamie Vardy achieves miracles.”

“England genuinely have a chance of taking this all the way. Something inside me is begging for England to win it just to see if Jamie Vardy can become Prime Minister,” posted another.

Express.co.uk has contacted Jamie Vardy’s reps for comment.

The World Cup continues on .

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