May 20, 2019

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5 dead, several ‘gravely injured’ in Capital Gazette newspaper shooting

5 dead, several ‘gravely injured’ in Capital Gazette newspaper shooting
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At least five people are dead after a shooting at the Capital Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland.


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  1. First Last

    I wish Maryland would have 'sensible gun laws' such as universal background checks.
    Oh, they have that?
    How about ownership permits.
    Oh, they have that?
    How about an assault weapon ban.
    Oh, that as well?
    How about a defacto ban on carry of firearms in public.
    Oh, that as well?
    Hmmm. You say it is a gun grabbers wet dream utopia?
    Oh, I guess criminals wont actually obey gun restrictions.

  2. pufthedragonCCS

    I live 10 minutes away and I'm here to let you know that Maryland has had an assault weapons ban since '94 and we have the strictest carry laws in the nation.
    If you think passing another law will stop shootings that happen in gun free zones you are sadly mistaken.

  3. Keke Wolves

    The loony left wants to blame trump for this but did they blame Pelosi or Clinton when the psychos targeted a country concert or the republican baseball practice? Of course not, do they blame the Democratic state of Illinois w the democratic mayor of Chicago for the daily multiple shootings? You can add up every victim of mass shootings a year and still not come CLOSE to the killing here in Chicago so shove your gun control blame trump game up your hypocritical ass

  4. Gabriella Penfold

    I hate America… r
    Why you ask???????
    Hmm mm mm let's think
    2 reasons
    Retarded idiots
    And Crazy bypolar freaks…
    That's America for you.
    I get its one of the most free countrys… but Canada is just as free.
    The only stupid law in Canada is you can only give a store up to 5 dollars of change.
    Like if you wanna over to Canada with me

  5. Mike C

    Another white guy mass murderer.
    Shocker. Curious as to how ALL OF THEM GET TAKEN ALIVE AND USUALLY UNHARMED. But little Black unarmed boys get shot in the back as they're running away. But no. No racism exists in America. No political prisoners either, right? #FuckAttaHere

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