May 20, 2019

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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring

Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retiring
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Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy has delivered a retirement notice to President Trump, giving Trump a second Supreme Court nomination. Richard Wolf reports.


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  1. ymc m

    Look one think Trump is not and that is stupid…he has seen the abortion rights marches…he knows these women want to be able to have abortions when they need them…all of the thousands of white women marching for the right to have abortions he will not piss off….Now the governmental assistance will be gone…but if you can pay for an abortion there will be somewhere in the United States to have one….none of these white men or women want unwanted pregnancies that is clear so they can stop worrying about Trump appointing a Supreme court justice that will vote their abortions away…no one really want women to be getting illegal abortions…. and they will if they cannot not get them through a medical facility…let's be real education and marrying clean with no babies is a top priority in white America…if they have to have six abortions no kid will get in their way….so stop with the dramatics…even the older Supreme court judges know how important abortions are to a large population of American society….Trump is no fool he knows exactly what the American general public wants…he was "pro choice" once and now says he is pro life for his base…he is not stupid…he will not overturn abortion rights…however they will be cash and carry no government assistance…so poor girls keep your legs closed….

  2. justa thought

    Kinda glad I'm on my way out. This country is going to fall. Pretty soon we will have no rights and slowly sink into our lovely dictatorship. Hope all you people who are fighting and dividing the country will be happy with it.

  3. Tom Sawyer

    There should be an investigation into this resignation. The man hands down a vote yesterday which he admitted was wrong and now resigns giving Trump a major victory within the span of 24 hours. Democrats should and need to dig in and do all they can not to fill this seat for at least 4 years if necessary.

  4. Brad Derall

    the court is not a political institution… terrible journalism. completely misleading the public as to what the court really does. presenting the court as "left v right" is just ridiculous. in any given term, well over 50% of the time the court is unanimous. impossible to get that level of unanimity in political branches.

  5. michael soweto

    And here we go. Landmark progressive decisions are going to be overturned. Remember Roe v. Wade? Gone. Remember Obergefell v. Hodges? Also gone. These mutherfuckers are going to take this country back alright… about 60 years back.

  6. Autumn Terrill

    Good for Kennedy. Now we need to help a new conservative judge to be appointed. We need to blow up the phones of both parties to get them to cooperate with our President and do their damn jobs as soon as possible. I have been watching social media and the media all day and they are all doubling down on Trump after Maxine Waters latest stunt inciting violence and pushing for a civil war. They love to distract, lie and obstruct and have refused to co operate. Here is the phone number to file a complaint against Ethics Memember Maxine Waters and asking for the house and senate to begin to censure her and to force her to resign without let up. We need to really push for this one and not let up because we the people are so upset on both sides and are sick and tired of this violence. Maxine is doubling down herself and continues her campaign of hate and refuses to stop. She is mentally unfit,, unstable, and incompentitent and a real danger to the unity of this wonderful country. The phone number is
    1 202 225 7103 Please call and make the phone line blow up with all of us complaining and maybe we can convince them to actually hold one of the most dangerous members of congress to leave at long last.

  7. Fake Name

    If our elected leaders had listened to the American people years ago and secured the border there would be no President Trump and Trump would not be deciding our judicial future. Not listening to the people has consequences.

  8. Joel B

    So old man, at the very end of your career it was more important for you to show the world that you are an un-American racist bigot than to salvage your legacy. The world will be so much better off without disgraceful pathetic losers like you.

  9. Rickey Williams

    WINNING! Trump/Pence/Kelly/Mattis/Pompeo/Bolton/Haley 2020. Promises Made/Promises Kept. Simple as that. Took a NON Politician (Whom needs no $) to MAGA. Finally a POTUS; a friend to Military, Police/Law Enforcement, Fire, Veterans, Border/ICE, First Responders, Miners, Gun Citizens, NASA/Space Exploration, Truckers, Steel, Aluminum, Farm/Ranch, and American Made Products. BUY AMERICAN… Reopening USS Steel Mill in Illinois closed during Obama, making Volvo's in SC, Chrysler coming back to Michigan, and Ohio is getting a new steel mill. Many years of the, do NOTHING NObama/Clinton Lazy days are over. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR COUNTRY. Get the Vote out. Lets keep this going… This is History in the making. This Ohio Family, isn't getting off the Trump Train. Be proud, spread the word. Fight the Good Fight!… and hell yes we are keeping our guns, and Constitutional Rights.

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