May 20, 2019

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Michelle Wolf’s brutal roasting of Sarah Sanders

Michelle Wolf’s brutal roasting of Sarah Sanders
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At the 2018 White House Correspondents’ dinner, comedian Michelle Wolf delivered a number of racy jokes. Her main target seemed to be Press Secretary Sarah Sanders.

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  1. Dianne Mitchell

    Her voice is annoying. Jokes weren't funny but there is a thing called free speech. It applies to conservative and liberal Americans. A lot of things Donald Trump says is not funny and can be considered racist and he loves to race bait. Again. It is free speech so he does have a right to say it

  2. Brian Kraemer

    Cruelty is never funny. I am a raving liberal and I despise Trump and have little appreciation for Sarah Huckabee Sanders, but I find this roasting despicable and I hope this kind of abuse stops and the whole correspondent's dinner changed next year. 🙁

  3. J Korta

    "Abortion, don't knock it till you try it – knock it hard, you gotta get that baby out of there." That's the left's idea of a funny joke? That is disgusting! This woman has a foul mouth and is a huge bully. I did not laugh even once!

  4. R Mad

    May filthy Dem racist Wolf suffer horrible tragedy & misfortune, along with her family & anyone else who thinks it is funny to incite hatred against our prez & his family & supporters. ha ha I'm a "comedian."

  5. Megan Delamar

    I love it. The right wing heads are exploding. lmao Hopefully it’ll get around to them all and well no longer have to worry about them. Just like we eventually won’t have to anyways with them all getting voted out. Again, I love it.

  6. jon dishmon

    I loved EVERY MOMENT it. Here's the thing. If you can't take the heat then get out of the oval office. Look, the Republicans are mean-spirited and say whatever they want to and any given time. They even have ole golden showers stand on his bully pulpit and spit out venom on a daily. We have his glorious tweets…um too bad he can't spell worth a damn but when we get tired of ole Cyclops sanders lying on her pulpit and talking about Comey and others, then people get their panties in a bunch and want to take the marbles and scram. Nope…it's a new day. What goes around comes around. Demos get the asses kicked all the time because they/we want to get along but not any longer. If you are all butt hurt about it then go to the nearest apothecary and obtain some salve. WE DON'T GIVE A GOODY GOSH DAMN.

  7. Rick Ammon

    While the White House correspondents dinner was being held in Washington DC, Donald Trump was in Washington, Michigan sowing the seeds of divisiveness by trashing the media and the Democrats. The Republicans Trump supporters cry foul when anyone pushes back while the leader of the Republican party is the most prominent hater in US government!!

    You reap what you sow! Donald Trump, the current White House administration, the Republican Congress and the Pro Trump supporters continue to sow the seeds of divisiveness and hate and then are upset when they reap what they have sown!

    There are a lot of Pro Trump supporters who are angry about Michelle Wolf's speech at the White House correspondents dinner and I don't understand their anger.

    Donald Trump has attacked the media, the members of Hollywood, Judges, the Judiciary, average people like the Khan family and many more people who didn’t deserve to be treated the way the President and the treated them. Ever since Donald Trump announced he would run for President his attacks against anyone he doesn’t perceive as Pro Trump have been very personal and vicious and I have not heard a single Trump supporter speak up and say that what Donald Trump is doing is wrong or inappropriate. In fact, the Trump supporters love it when Donald Trump attacks the media and at times they have even joined in with some bashing of their own.

    Donald Trump has created the divisiveness that exists in this Country and rarely a day goes by without Donald Trump attacking the media, the Democratic members of Congress and anyone else he feels he can demean, belittle and make to appear less than they are in an effort to massage his ego and attempt to make himself look like a big man. What Donald Trump fails to recognize is that it doesn’t make him look like a big man, it actually makes him look like the small, petty, egotistical man-child that he truly behaves like!

    Donald Trump, the White House administration and the current Republican party reminds me of school yard bullies who meet their match in that they find themselves up against someone who can dish out the same treatment they have been dishing out, only better, and the bullies and their friends cry about the bullies being bullied. SO SAD!

    I have watched Sarah Huckabee Sanders treat reporters with rudeness and complete disrespect whenever they ask a legitimate question that she doesn’t want to answer because she knows the truthful answer would make Donald Trump look bad. That is unacceptable behavior, and because of her unacceptable behavior she does not deserve anyone’s respect. She has placed herself in the crosshairs of the world and is fair game for anyone who sees her as a liar willing to defend another liar!

    Anthony Scaramucci wants to whine about how Donald Trump is treated without acknowledging that Donald Trump is the single biggest offender when it comes to disrespectful treatment of others. Donald Trump started this vulgar war of disrespect toward virtually everyone who isn’t a Donald Trump supporter and anyone and everyone who doesn’t bow down to the almighty Donald.

    Donald Trump is a bully who loves to attack people in the media and if he and his supporters can't take it when someone bullies them back maybe they should consider trying to get along with others by being nice for a change.

    Donald Trump and the entire White House administration needs to take the first step to end this war of divisiveness and hate by demonstrating respect and compassion for others along with a modicum of professionalism!

    If you want respect, give respect!

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