April 23, 2019

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Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan Reunite 30 Years After ‘When Harry Met Sally’

Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan Reunite 30 Years After ‘When Harry Met Sally’
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A 30th anniversary screening of “When Harry Met Sally” was no anticlimax.

Billy Crystal reunited with co-star Meg Ryan and director Rob Reiner at the TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood Thursday, and the comedian told some fun tidbits about the movie’s famous orgasm scene. One of them involved Princess Diana, of all people.

Director Rob Reiner and stars Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal look sequel-ready (no, that’s not happening) at the 30th anniversary celebration of “When Harry Met Sally.”

The centerpiece of the 1989 rom-com, in which Ryan and Crystal play friends who become lovers, featured Ryan’s Sally demonstrating to Crystal’s Harry that women can believably fake orgasms. As they eat in a crowded deli, she goes full porn star at the table, prompting one diner ― played by Estelle Reiner, the director’s mother ― to memorably comment: “I’ll have what she’s having.”

Crystal and Ryan sat with Princess Diana at a 1989 screening in London, knowing that the public was aware of the scene, but certain that the princess was not.

“So we were in the balcony, in the front row of the balcony in Leicester Square, and everybody in the orchestra, when the scene started, shifted their weight and turned around to see how she was gonna react,” Crystal told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Oh yeah, she laughed, he recalled. “It was awesome.”

Crystal told “ET” he knew the movie would be a hit at the first test screening he attended with Reiner. “The orgasm scene ― I have to call it that ― played, and the laughs were insanely great,” the comedian said. “When that scene ended, we realized he and I were holding hands because it was so intense in the theater, the laughs were so amazing, that we knew that there was something special.”

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