March 26, 2019

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Weight loss plan: The flat stomach diet plan to get rid of belly fat

Weight loss plan: The flat stomach diet plan to get rid of belly fat
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Weight loss is a goal that many don’t know where to begin with, and often dieters will drastically change their daily routine in a bid to lose weight.

However, eating the certain foods can kick start slimmers on their weight loss journey and even help to carve a toned stomach.

Increasing the amount of plant-based foods in the diet can not only improve health, but also help towards getting toned abs, according to research.

This means cutting down on meat and dairy and eating more plant-based foods, such as fruit and vegetables. But how does this work?

According the research published in the British Medical Journal, those who follow a plant-based diet can slim down without restricting their calorie intake, and five out of six people in the study lost weight and had reduced signs of diabetes.

What is this diet and what can you eat?

A plant-based diet can come in many forms and recommends limiting, or removing, any meat or dairy products, such as eggs, milk, cheese, meat and fish.

Instead, those following the diet should eat more fruit, vegetables, whole grains, nut and seeds.

If cutting out meat and dairy altogether seems too difficult, similar results can be achieved just by cutting back and eating more fibre-rich plant-based foods.

The high-fibre content in these natural products aid digestion which can lead to a flatter stomach, reports suggest.

Eating less meat and dairy can also reduce inflammation in the body which means slimmers can look less bloated.

As well as inching closer to toned abs, those following this diet may notice improvements in their health in other ways.

Plants can be important for good health and contain nutrients such as a host of vitamins, minerals, fibre and protein, according to researchers at Deakin University.

These foods have been shown to to reduce the risk diabetes, heart disease and also strengthen the immune system.

Although some people may struggle to cut out meat and dairy products altogether, there are other variations of this diet that might be better suited.

These include vegetarian, pescatarian, which cuts meat but not fish or dairy, or even flexitarian, where meat, fish and dairy are all still eaten, but in moderation.

These foods can help burn belly fat without exercising, but how does this work

When it comes to getting washboard abs, eating protein can help dieters get there, according to corporate dietician, Alexandra Miller.

High-protein foods such as nuts, legumes, eggs and yoghurt can lead to a reduction in body fat.

Apple cider vinegar is also shown to aid slimming, but how much do you need to drink to lose weight

In a study, those who had two tablespoons each day last twice as much weight as those who didn’t have any apple cider vinegar over a three month period.

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