May 20, 2019

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‘I know what I’m doing’: Sen. Feinstein argues with kids on climate bill

‘I know what I’m doing’: Sen. Feinstein argues with kids on climate bill
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A group of children with the Sunrise Movement, a climate advocacy group, went into Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office to sway her vote on the Green New Deal. The California Democrat fired back.


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  1. Tsunauticus III

    And… that’s a PRIME example of why females should NOT be allowed to enter the political arena.

    Estrogen. The last time that estrogen had as much power, as it does today, an empire fell.

    Let’s not repeat history.

    Women have no place in positions of power.

  2. Jason James

    A stern lesson in political reality for a bunch of dumb idealistic kids who have been lied to about their self entitled privilege and importance all their lives. Pelosi is about as left wing as you can get. If anyone will support their agenda she does. However, Pelosi KNOWS where the votes are. She knows she is limited in what she can include in a bill if there is even the slightest chance of passage in the house, let alone of it making through the Senate and eventually being signed by the President. In other words, there is NO chance! It's best these snot nosed kids learn this early. Keep lying to kids and you turn them into the weak pathetic millennials we have today.

  3. Taegil Lee

    These kids have zero respect. I don't like her but she is a sitting senator from California. These left are teachching their kids to be angry and entitled. I don't blame kids, since this is completely parenting.

  4. Jerome Jackson

    Politicians, bankers, and corporations are the MAJOR bottlenecks in the way of our potential and destiny. The people (ones that actually did the WORK) that helped create our future (scientists, engineers, mathematicians, intellectuals) Need to be in charge of everything in the world. Get 1000 of the best minds of all fields from all over the world (none that believe in Identity/intersectional politics) to replace ALL governments, let them vote for the most logical/positive things, and create a "perks" system. Time to take power away from our
    oppressors with majority, marches, and non-participation. If you aren't down for helping people out Joe, once AI, robots, and automation is maximized then I hope you are ready for war, riots, shootings, terrorism, and A LOT of death. The people that are unwillingly to work are that way because bushiness' and corporations are sad, pathetic, and corrupt. No one healthy wants to work in that environment. Time to get rid of money, endless numbers, generated out of thin air. Time to motivate people/bushiness'/entities to do the best for mankind, the world, and the future, ie no money, root of all evil. People still get their normal perks, based on what they do, most will qualify for MORE perks than they were use to under a Logical system. No rollover, no trading (so long gambling), set amount of perks per month/year and a way to get more (online help/perk board) by being productive for the benefit of mankind. David Sinclair gets everything he needs for free, him and all his scientists keep all the perks they are use to having. Degrasse gets all the money he needs, creates a global protection system tomorrow, instead of waiting 10-20 years for funds. Elon Musk turns us into Masters of the Universe. I could go on and on.

    Next 10 years could be absolutely amazing if this happened. Or keep playing the greed/monkey game and watch our world die and the human species suffer and die.

  5. Docwho10th

    I am a Democrat and this is total brainwashing by these kid's parents and teachers. These kids are afraid of everything these days…in my day they would be called hippies…now they are just a bunch of pussies! 10 years left my ass!!

  6. Tom Lloyd

    Teaching kids how to rudely and continually cut off their elders in mid sentence is just irresponsible behavior. These kids are surrounded by ignorant snowflakes, poor kids have no sense of reality because of the stupid adults raising them. Liars telling lies to try to win an argument is the demonrat way. “We voted for you!” while being too young to vote. Smack all these kids and their parents!

  7. Comrade Corbachev

    I'm a republican but I'm in the strange position of disliking comments that attack feinstein. These kids have been pumped full of propaganda by that teacher. They'd believe it if she said that green is blue and she'd send them to argue with feinstein about it

  8. miguelpancho45

    radical left wing teachers manipulating children into an political ambush of Feinstein….wtf are they doing to our children? there should be a law against political child abuse by so-called educators, this is California after all.

  9. Raphael Santos

    I'm hurt. Haha! This is somewhat what is happening to USA's current state and it's sad. Kid ideologies going up against the experienced and the other way around which not every time wrong. People only going for the hear say and shallow waters of what's going on and thinking it's all uni-variant; that it's all trumps fault or it's all this side's fault. People haven't gone deeper into what's being factored in in all of this. Just hope the vox populi do get heard and get considered. And i just wish people wouldn't push kids to this sickening politics. They don't have that much experience with all of these. No offense but scientifically they don't have well developed brains yet or yet have matured enough and I don't think it's fair for them. I do get why they should be concerned but there's way smarter blokes who would just eat them in terms of debating and handling things.

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