April 24, 2019

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Shopping for Coat Trees – The New York Times

Shopping for Coat Trees – The New York Times
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When your closet is bursting with winters coats — or you’re living in a small space without any closet at all — a few extra hooks can help relieve the pressure. That’s where a coat tree can prove invaluable.

“In a tighter space, it’s about making space,” said Dan Mazzarini, the principal of BHDM Design, an interior design firm in New York. “We use them in urban spaces to create makeshift mudrooms.”

To maximize storage space, Mr. Mazzarini often looks for coat trees with multiple places to stow things. “A lot of them now aren’t just for coats,” he said. “They have tiers on them, so they can hold your bag and shoes. Those we’ve found to be really useful.”

Many of the new coat trees also add a sculptural element to a room, so you might want one even if you’re not in desperate need of extra storage.

“In some of our bigger private residences we’ve done a coat tree for a little flair,” Mr. Mazzarini said. “It’s about rounding out the look of an entry space.”

  • Is a coat tree better than wall-mounted hooks? “A coat tree is great when you don’t have a lot of wall space to do hooks; hooks are better when you have space to spread out,” Mr. Mazzarini said.

  • How sturdy does it need to be? “In climates like New York, where you have heavy coats, we look for something with a wider or weighted base,” he said.

  • How much does it need to hold? If you have a lot to store, make sure the coat tree has enough hooks, Mr. Mazzarini said, as well as places to put various accessories.

Walnut or white-oak and powder-coated steel coat tree by Hollis & Morris

$550 to $590 at YLiving: 800-236-9100 or yliving.com

Steam-bent ash coat tree from Skagerak

$769 at Horne: 877-404-6763 or shophorne.com

Steel stand with ash hooks

$85 at Unison: 877-492-7960 or unisonhome.com

Powder-coated steel and walnut stand, available in various colors

$329 at Blu Dot: 844-425-8368 or bludot.com

Steel stand with two lacquered shelves by Evangelos Vasileiou

$545 at Ligne Roset: 212-375-1036 or ligne-roset.com

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