March 23, 2019

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Schumer blames Trump’s ‘temper tantrum’ for government shutdown

Schumer blames Trump’s ‘temper tantrum’ for government shutdown
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Senator Chuck Schumer lambasted President Donald Trump over his demand that American taxpayers pay for a border wall which has led to a partial government shutdown.

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  1. AbelieverofourLord

    In a way, you can't blame him for behaving like this… To have/build a security wall will destroy his and the gang's retirement fund. It will create a huge disruption in drug, child, weapons trafficking,
    not to mention if they've made agreements with their boss' – who might come knocking if they renege…

  2. dandsw97

    Trump is alien 👽 about human rights is like Jesus Christ talks about the wall and video game 🎮 buying and scam and violence and tramper is out control about fun people we want them to learn and teach them to make them happy 😃 day they want being fun is not matter this talk about future young people life style and popular culture like YouTuber stars sometimes they lie sometimes tell the truth spread the truth and so celebrities is popular culture politics is nothing about it we need government leaders like it or not oh yeah the hacker is trump is true and we airport to Tavel for holidays and then super human in real life that life.

  3. m v

    Not years of mismanagement before he even took office..gee now that they have a few days off check smart meters make sure its not defective..very important they are avoiding recalls to minimize the harm they can do..see paradise.

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