May 20, 2019

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Heckler disrupts Obama speech at Florida rally

Heckler disrupts Obama speech at Florida rally
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Former President Barack Obama had to respond to several hecklers at a rally in Florida on Friday.


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    I love President Obama and he told the absolute truth in every Word spoken!!! It was a pleasure to see and hear real intelligence again, to listen to real world issues that touch normal working class individuals not just the rich and racist!!! It was a pleasure to see a President bringing people together in hope and speaking on change!!! It’s crazy the ignorance at its best from these trolls who vote party and against their own interest because, of their individual racism, instead of what is best for the themselves, the country as a whole, what is right and moral !!! Trump and his racist base, are trying to take this country back to slavery!!! **Disclaimer**Trolls you can by pass me attention seeking as, I do not try to educate ignorance, reason with stuck on stupid or argue back and forth with those who are dumb as box of rocks!!!

  2. PineKushDude

    Is Obama talking about the Democrats when he talks about "Divisive rhetoric"? After Maxine Waters, Holders, Hillarys comments, I hope this idiot doesn't actually think its only coming from the other side. Typical Democrat.

  3. Frank Albidone

    Dumb right wing fucks, now you have to keep one eye on your own neighbour thanks to Trumpf – the draft dodger who is only here because his German grandfather was ALSO a draft dodger. What a bunch of dumbass hypocrites!!!!!

  4. David M. Evans

    Obama is the great divider. He sicked the IRS on conservatives. He crammed his ridiculous over budget policies down our throats. Obama vilified successful people and businesses who create the jobs. He took from the rich and the poor to give to the poor while he rang up 10 Trillion in debt for us to pay for. He said he would reduce the debt in his first term then he said he needed more time. Obama's weakness in Syria is the reason things of people have been killed and gassed and why Europe has a multi million refugee problem. Trump has done more in two years than Obama did in eight. Obama is a failed President and a self inflated egotistical idiot. #WALKAWAY

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