May 20, 2019

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New Documentary Traces A Transgender Israeli’s Personal Journey To Acceptance

New Documentary Traces A Transgender Israeli’s Personal Journey To Acceptance
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A conservative Israeli family learns “to expand the limits of recognition, acceptance and love” in filmmaker Ofir Trainin’s powerful new documentary.

HuffPost got a sneak peek at “Family in Transition” with the above trailer. The documentary, which hits theaters in Los Angeles and New York next month, follows the Tsuk family of Nahariya, Israel. When their father, who previously presented as male, comes out as transgender and announces plans to start the gender confirmation process, the younger Tsuks and their mother question their own values and prejudices.  

Trainin, whose credits include 2014’s “ApolloniA,” told HuffPost his film showcases “a unique family who can teach us how to accept the differences in all of us.” 

The Tsuks “break social conventions and help change what we thought we knew about gender, parity, parenthood and transgender issues,” he said. 

Though Israel has enjoyed a reputation for being LGBTQ inclusive, the nation has also faced accusations of “pinkwashing,” or using its queer community to deflect from ongoing turmoil with the Palestinian territories and larger political concerns.   

“Israel, unfortunately, is becoming less tolerant and more nationalist and religious,” Trainin said. “Apart from Tel Aviv, it’s difficult to find other cities where you can live [openly] as a transgender person.” 

Ultimately, the filmmaker hopes “Family in Transition” will inspire audiences to “accept and respect each person as they are, without judgment and prejudice.” 

“Family in Transition” will debut Nov. 11 at the 2018 Doc NYC festival in New York. It opens in Los Angeles on Nov. 16 and New York on Nov. 23. 

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