February 23, 2019

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How to lose belly fat: Man reveals before after weight loss diet plan with pictures

How to lose belly fat: Man reveals before after weight loss diet plan with pictures
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Posting to Reddit, user rpredux, 33, revealed he had lost 58.7lbs (4.19 stone) since January 2017 – a huge amount on his 5’8” frame.

His incredible transformation pictures reveal he managed to strip his belly fat and add impressive muscle definition to his arms, legs and stomach.

The post garnered 95 comments, and the user shared his tips and tricks with those who asked online.

Talking about his diet, he wrote: “Before I started dieting, I ate normally and tracked my calories on MyFitnessPal for a week to figure out my maintenance intake.

“After I got that number, I reduced it by a couple hundred to create a small deficit. Nothing drastic.

“In terms of macros, I made sure I hit 1.6 g protein per kg bodyweight. Then I let fat and carbs fall where they may. I ate whatever I wanted as long as I met my caloric and protein goals.

“If my weight stalled for a week or two, I decreased calories by 50 or 25. And then monitored my weight loss. Pretty simple really!

“I never did anything drastic – I started off with relatively high calories, and I only added small caloric deficits whenever I stalled.

“My #1 rule was sustainability – I didn’t want to suffer unnecessarily by starving myself, because I knew that would make it easier to give up.”

Of course, a body as impressive as this is not just about diet, and rpredux had a busy gym schedule too.

He revealed: “Resistance training (like lifting) is most important! It stimulates your lean tissue (muscle), which helps ensure that the weight being lost is fat (and not muscle).

“Plus it boosts your metabolism, helps you shape your body, and is fun, too – in my opinion.

“For the first several months, I only lifted and dieted. I didn’t do cardio during that time. Eventually I did add in cardio. For cardio, I started doing one incline walking session a week. I gradually increased the speed + incline if I felt physically able to.

“Eventually, I ditched that and started taking dance classes (hip hop and ballet). WAY more fun. And, to my delight, the weight started dropping off a little too fast, so I actually had to increase my calories by a couple hundred. Dance classes burn a ton of calories apparently!”

The man is not the only who has shared his weight loss journey. A woman from Newcastle lost four stone after ditching one particular everyday habit.

Jolene, 38, managed to lose a whopping five dress sizes, all through cutting takeaways out.

At her heaviest, Jolene was 19 stone, and would gorge on a staggering five takeaways a week.

She would binge on fried chicken and Chinese most nights, after filling her days with calorie-laden sandwiches, crisps and dips.

Knowing something had to change, she decided to turn her life around, ditching her takeaway habit.

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