February 23, 2019

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White woman falsely accuses crying black child of groping her

White woman falsely accuses crying black child of groping her
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A video went viral after a white woman made a huge scene outside of a New York deli, saying a young boy grabbed her from behind. After the incident became racially charged, security footage revealed the truth about what really happened.

The woman later apologized after being confronted with security footage showing the boy had accidentally grazed her.

A video of the incident has been watched more than 5 million times and outraged viewers have dubbed the woman “Cornerstore Caroline,” the latest in a line of nicknames designed to shame people involved in alleged racial profiling incidents.

The video shows young children crying as the woman talks into the cellphone: “I was just sexually assaulted by a child,” she said on the video captured by Jason Littlejohn, who lives nearby the market.
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  1. simbakafiri

    Used to date a white girl, after numerous calls by white women on black people, we went for dinner and I told her we had to break up….I felt that it would be best I stick around my own people and find a black, latino or asian woman to date….I used to be the most open minded, but after all these shit, I rarely even go out where I might be less that 5 ft a way from white women especially…prevention is better than cure

  2. Daddy Zapattack

    I am not from this neighborhood, so maybe there is a local issue with white folks calling police on black folks for trivial reasons. However, my interpretation is this is more of a white feminist calling police on a black child. No one in their right mind would do this. The mother didn't escalate anything, the entitled victim monopolizing feminist extremist escalated things. Her apology is worthless when she continues to blame others for her bad self absorbed behavior. She should be charged, even if it's just for mischief or harassment, this should go on her record. I hope the boy isn't too badly scarred after this incident.

  3. Durain Stonestreet

    My Question Is When Will These States And Communities Start Charging These Individuals With False Statements About Incidents And Descriptions Of A Person Who They Don't Like About A Threatening Situation That Only Puts The Person Life In Danger By The Police.

  4. Ebube Odogwu

    Abandon due process right? The left is trying to get rid of it and liberals are excited because they think it’s going to hurt rich white men. It’s not. Young black men are the ones who will suffer most if we choose to ‘believe all women’. Black liberals wake up! The democrats are not your friends. I’m not even saying vote for Trump but you have to be woke #walkaway

  5. Arie Fraiser

    Sorry lady you don't get to attempt to Emmitt Till and little boy and then just say sorry. If I was the parents I would sue her for emotional distress of my child and if there is anything criminal I could go after her for I would attempt to do that.


    This had nothing to do with racism. It does have all to do with the #metoo movement gone wild, out of control, and over a cliff. This bat shit crazy woman should be thrown in jail for making that claim. It shows how weak females are, yet they think they are equal to men. I have had a lot of women over the years that have accidently brushed their breast against me. Never once have I cried out sexual assault. but I will say this. This woman would have done the same thing no matter if the child had been white. People need to stop looking at it as a racial thing and look at it for what it really is. If you don't, men in this country will be under assault for a good long time. I wish I had been there. I would have made a big stand against that bat shit crazy woman. I'm sick of this shit.


    Baby when I tell you I seen the headline soon as my computer Microsoft opened I said "lord please don't let this be another Emmett Till Story. Thank God soon as I read the story I realized that the women called police instead of calling a family member.

  8. Adam Mosel

    It's 2018. If she says that the little boy groped her, he groped her, even if the security footage indicates otherwise. She is the victim, not the little boy. Only people who condone sexual assault and rape would defend this little boy. #MeToo

  9. Yellowwood

    I hate the fact that people are trying to belittle and ridicule the #metoo/Me To Movement and the Believe Them Movement. But never give these kinds of people leverage. They of course know that things have to be investigated just like those who started them. They know that it's not ALL women all the time, but they still try to confuse the issue. These people are POLITICAL TROLLS don't engage them.

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