February 22, 2019

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What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Dheepan’ and ‘Deadpool’

What’s on TV Thursday: ‘Dheepan’ and ‘Deadpool’
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Jacques Audiard’s Palme d’Or-winning emigration tale is on Hulu. And “Deadpool” is on FX.

DHEEPAN (2016) on Hulu. The French director Jacques Audiard’s “The Sisters Brothers,” a western and the director’s English-language debut, is in theaters now. His last film, “Dheepan,” is also, “in some ways, a western,” A. O. Scott wrote in his review for The New York Times, going on to say: “Sometimes, it seems to be the story of a man trying to get out of a bad old life and being pulled back in. At other moments, you see hints of another familiar tale, the one about the man who has seen and done terrible things who stays out of trouble until he’s pushed too far.” The man in question (played by Antonythasan Jesuthasan, upon whose life the story is partly based) is emigrating from a war-torn country. Once in France, he seeks asylum while trying to assimilate. Hailed for its timeliness, the film won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in 2015. The intervening years have done little to decrease its relevance.

NATIONAL PARKS ADVENTURE (2016) on Netflix. Robert Redford narrates this sweeping documentary about America’s national parks, but the first thing you’ll hear isn’t his voice; it’s the low whistle of birds and the whooping and hollering of nature in the early morning. Made partly for Imax and other big screens, the film puts sights and sounds first. Those streaming it at home may enjoy it just as much for its meditativeness, or for the promise of a personal tour — complete with historical anecdotes — from Mr. Redford. They may also detect admiration as Mr. Redford, an environmental advocate, recounts the story of Theodore Roosevelt and John Muir’s famed trip to Yosemite, among other tales.

DEADPOOL (2016) 5:30 p.m. on FX. Based on the Marvel character, “Deadpool” gained huge traction with moviegoers in 2016 by being both a superhero movie and a commentary on them. Ryan Reynolds stars as the title character, an Everyman-turned-superman who stands out through his foul mouth and bad morals, a walking rejection of the superserious superhero film. “The filmmakers do a lot of winking and rib poking,” Manohla Dargis wrote in her review for The Times. “They sell ‘Deadpool’ so hard that you might wonder if the studio has started to pay on commission.”

MONEY MONSTER (2016) 8 p.m. on FXM. George Clooney plays the host of a financial TV show and Julia Roberts plays its producer in this Jodie Foster-directed thriller. The caffeinated studio bustle of a live broadcast comes to a grinding halt when a distraught investor (Jack O’Connell) comes onset with a pistol, taking Mr. Clooney’s character hostage. “You will not necessarily learn anything here about how TV or high finance really work,” A. O. Scott wrote in his review for The Times. “But you will be invited to enjoy the illusion of such enlightenment in the skilled and charismatic company of Julia Roberts and George Clooney.”

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